The audio headphones are available in all the sauces! Among models designed for mobile use, those adapting to public transportation, the references are specially designed for the players in the helmets Hi-Fi for audiophiles, everyone should be able to find his happiness.

On this page, we offer you to discover an overview of all our model’s favourites in a blink of an eye. To go further, then you can consult our comparative complete and more detailed, providing you with the best helmets the current in each of the sector categories.



Bluetooth headphones allow you to enjoy your favourite music without the hassle of any cables. They are mainly aiming at mobile use and connect in a blink of an eye your smartphone, your tablet or your computer.

Read below to find out 3 of our favourite models and see our complete selection of the best Bluetooth headphones to find more references.


Below 10000INR, Marshall Major III is one of our favourite models. The helmet stands out from the competition with a retro design offering a perfect compromise between style, comfort and practicality.

Bluetooth headphone and the most compact of the manufacturer, the Major III is a perfect candidate if you are looking for a model discreet and easy to carry. Its ear flaps fold to the inside of the headband in a blink of an eye and the whole set fits in a bag or a large jacket pocket.

On the ears, the helmet offers a comfortable correct and you will appreciate its single button to control his music in a blink of an eye. Very convenient!

The performances are also convincing for the price, with a sound restitution order and a range of up to 30 hours of wireless.



The Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT is the Bluetooth version of the famous wired ATH-M50. A helmet known for its excellent fidelity and appreciated by the users in search of a sound balanced and controlled.

The transition to wireless is successful for the brand and this version M50xBT once again confirms the know-how of Audio-Technica. The helmet retains its excellent sound performance and is based on autonomy of 40 hours to enjoy your favorite music without having to count.

On the side of the features, this version wireless now embarking of the commands accessible from the atria, to manage its music or the sound volume on the fly. No ANC in the programme but the passive isolation is more than correct.



The Sony WH-1000XM3 is a Bluetooth headphone, top of the range, available for around 30000INR. At this rate, it adds in more of its wireless connection feature of active noise reduction.

Thanks to it, we can isolate itself from the outside world and fully enjoy his favorite music without having to mount the volume. In the street, public transport or a plane flight, it is a pure happiness !

The epitome of comfort, the WH-1000XM3 is quickly forgotten once on the ears, and autonomy of 30 hours to ensure long periods of listening.

Its controls are managed directly by touch panels located at the level of the atria. It is convenient and easy to take in hands.

Finally its side, nothing to complain about. The headphone of Sony is doing wonderfully and is much closer to what he does best on the sector of Bluetooth headphones.

A more recent version of WH-1000XM4 is available for 37900INR, but the XM3 displays a better quality/price ratio according to us.



Helmets with noise reduction active, have the particularity to embark a feature to limit nuisance exterior. Through the use of microphones, they are indeed capable of capturing the surrounding noise and to remove thanks to complex algorithms.

Recommended primarily for users who wish to isolate themselves from the outside world, particularly in the metro, the train, the plane or even in an open space noisy.

You can discover directly below are 4 of our favourite models, but also check out our complete selection of the best helmets for noise reduction active to access more choices.



The Anker SoundCore Life Q20 is one of the helmets with noise reduction active, the most affordable in the industry. Has less than 6000INR, it combines brilliantly with a Bluetooth connection effective and an option of Noise-Cancelling is more than correct.

On the design side, the helmet is based on a design mainly made of plastic but its arch metal gives it a good strength. The earpieces rotate flat for easy transport or a comfortable fit around the neck.

Once on the ears, we enjoy a good comfort and the various controls positioned on the headphone are intuitive. The active noise reduction is correct, but it is clearly a notch below the big boys of the sector.

Side audio rendering, the Q20 comes out rather well. The low frequencies are slightly boosted, without compromising the rest of the spectrum. The headphone fits to most styles of music, including Hip-Hop, and electro.

Finally, autonomy is capable of climbing to 60 hours with a volume of 60% and up to 40 hours by activating the ANC. At this price, we do not find better !




Available for around 20000INR, the Jabra Elite 85H is the most complete model of the manufacturer. It is thought to come compete with the heavyweights of the sector, with the image of the Bose QC 35 II, the Sony WH-1000XM4 or the Sennheiser Momentum 3.

More affordable than its direct competitors, the headphone of Jabra, however, has not large thing to reproach them. We appreciate in particular its sober and elegant design, its robust design protecting against the rain or even excellent comfort both on the ears.

Well thought out, the helmet is able to turn on or off automatically by unfolding its atria. Its complete commands are easy to take in hand, and autonomy can exceed 35 hours in wireless with ANC enabled.

The noise reduction, it comes. If it remains a slight notch below the better models in the sector, the performances are more than convincing and should suit 99% of mobile users.

The sound is also excellent, with a reproduction neat, detailed and rich. You can go there with closed eyes for the price !



The Bose QC35 II is one of the helmets with noise reduction active, the most productive in the industry. Until the arrival in force of Sony, it was even considered as the best model for the audiophiles nomads.

The headphone has forged an excellent reputation thanks to its model of Noise-Cancelling is particularly stunning. Once on the ears, we find ourselves in a real bubble, and the majority of the nuisances outside disappear as by magic. In transit, it is a true happiness to enjoy his music in peace.

The QuietComfort 35 stand out also by comfort. Lightweight and well built, it is easy to forget in a few seconds and no fatigue is to stress that, even during the longest listening sessions.

The performances are also of the party, with a restitution order, and relatively neutral. What to adapt to most genres without distorting your favorite titles.

Finally, note that this second generation adds a direct access to Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Wizard as well as the possibility to select different levels of ANC since the helmet.



Evolution of the great WH-1000XM3, the new Sony WH-1000XM4 contains the key features and corrects its few weak points.

In the Face of his little brother, listen now to touch even more reactive, a motion sensor for the play/pause automatic or multi-point connection to pair the headphone to two devices at the same time.

For the rest, no great changes with always a comfort unbeatable sound performance rarely achieved on a wireless headphone and also the best noise reduction active in the market.

If its rate of 37900INR is not a problem for you, no need to look any further.



If the Bluetooth headphones and other models in noise reduction are primarily targeted at mobile users, the helmets Hi-Fi are generally more sedentary.

Most models are based on an open design, increasing the width of the sound stage but limiting drastically the insulation facing the outside world.

We propose you to discover below 3 of our favourite models. If you want to push a little more your research, in the direction of our complete selection of the best wired headphones.


Available in the bar of 12000INR, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro displays one of the best quality/price ratios of the industry if you would like to direct you to a helmet-to-open design.

Comfortable and well designed, it offers a very beautiful sound with a neutral rendering and adapts to the majority of musical styles. To enjoy favorite titles at home without breaking the bank, it is an ideal solution.

On the ears, the entry-level Beyerdynamic is also comfortable and allows you to chain the albums without feeling the slightest fatigue.



Regularly available around of 15000INR, the Sennheiser HD 599 is one of the wired headphones the most comfortable and lightweight on the market. Between its arch to the generous cushioning and its bearings with a soft coating of velvet, it can be kept on the head for many hours without feeling the slightest fatigue.

Its open design is intended mainly to use sedentary, the insulation is obviously not his strong point. It comes with two cables, a long of 3 m and a shorter 1.2 m if you wish to use it with a smartphone for example. An adapter Jack to Mini-Jack is also of the party.

Its side, the HD 599 embarks transducers 38 mm offering restitution globally homogeneous. The emphasis in the low frequencies make it a helmet to the refund may be less accurate than some competitors, but no less enjoyable. This will obviously depend on expectations and preferences of each. The sound stage is taking advantage of his side of a beautiful giveaway.



Proposed at a price of 44900INR, the Audeze LCD-1 is positioned, however, such as the input range of the brand. An entry-level course relative, as the quality of the helmets of the brand is amazing.

The helmet stands out mainly by its technology, with transducers magnetic planar diameter of 90 mm. The result ? A sound reproduction rich and detailed, with a response which is perfectly balanced. Suitable for most musical styles, it offers a dynamic sound and includes a sound stage is particularly wide.

Its open design makes it an ideal candidate to rediscover their favorite titles under a new face. Once on the ears, difficult to find and the hours of listening enchainent without seeing the time pass.

On the side of the design, the LCD-1 has a design that was robust and reliable. More compact than some of its rivals, it is inspired by the helmets nomadic in which most users are more accustomed to. The earpieces can be rotated 90° and the carriage or wearing around the neck is facilitated.

The auricles are also more compact than those of many other wired headphones open, but still perfectly comfortable for the majority of users. With 250 g on the scale, it is also lightweight enough for extended wear without pain.



For athletes, it is generally recommended to move towards headphones rather than a headphone. For all that, if you can’t stand to have earplugs in your ears, the models below should be of interest to you.


Adidas, the specialist in equipment for athletes, offers with its Sport model OPR-01 a Bluetooth headphone built for the effort.

Sweat-proof thanks to its protection rating of IPX4, he is not likely to give up the ghost at the slightest drop of sweat. In addition, its pads and headband can be removed and washed after training.

The model is available in several colors and connects via Bluetooth 5.0. Its autonomy can climb up to 40 hours (depending on the volume), and the charging is made via USB-C.



The Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100 is a Bluetooth headphone specially designed to meet the expectations of the athletes.

Comfortable once placed on the ears, it stands out with its robust design protecting it from drops, rain, and especially of perspiration. Its headband can be tightened so as to secure its retention and to avoid that the helmet does not move during the exercise.

Has the use, we appreciate the presence of touch controls on the ears, making it easy to manage music and navigation between different tracks.

The helmet also has an option to more or less let the outside noise so as to isolate it to the gym, or on the contrary hear the cars if you run in the street for example.



Headphones gamer differentiate headphones traditional by the presence of a microphone, facilitating exchanges with other players.

They contain also additional options in order to adapt to the needs more specific to the world of gaming. One thinks in particular of the effects of surround sound or connectivity 2.4 Ghz allowing you to play wirelessly and without any latency.



Below 7000INR, the recent Razer Blackshark V2 X offers one of the best quality/price ratios in the industry.

The headphone operates in wired on consoles and PC, and is distinguished by an excellent comfort in this price range. On the ears, it is quick to forget and allows you to go from a party without feeling the slightest fatigue. Its low weight of only 240 g is not there for nothing !

During gaming, the headphone from Razer delivers performance sound convincing. There is a beautiful immersion, with rich and detailed. The microphone, unfortunately fixed, allows you to share detail with other players.



For less than 15000INR, it is difficult to find more complete than the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2. The headphone works wireless 2.4 on PC or consoles (PlayStation version or Xbox), and comes with the bonus of Bluetooth functionality.

This double connection allows you to stay immersed in his games while listening to music from his smartphone or answering a call.

On the side of its building, the Stealth 700 shows excellent benefits. The helmet is solid and comfortable, with foams, shape-memory incorporating a gel refreshing. A special system can also facilitate the port for players with glasses.

When gaming, the speakers of 50 mm offer a made to sound convincing and it is possible to adjust it according to his preferences using a mobile app boarding an equalizer and other options additional.



If you are looking for what is better for online play, then towards the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless.

This high-end model ultra-complete works wirelessly and comes with a case with a display for facilitating the management of its different options. In a blink of an eye, you can switch between using it on PC or PS4, activate a Bluetooth mode, and manage the mix between its various sound sources, play with an equalizer, to manage the monitoring of the microphone and much more.

This box also enables you to recharge the second removable battery that came with the helmet. Each provides up to 10 hours of battery life and we can, therefore, perform their parts without the slightest problem.

Finally, the performance sound. Again, this is the box full to the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless, with a rich, detailed, and well balanced. Nothing to say, the immersion is at an appointment and it takes full advantage of his favorite games.



Hundreds of brands, each offering dozens of references…Not easy to choose the helmet that will match his needs perfectly.

To find the ideal product, a number of key points are to take, allowing you to organize your research according to your expectations, your needs and especially your budget. It makes the point.



The first point to take into account during your research, the format and the size of your headphones. We find two great families, and your choice will have a direct influence on the overall ergonomics of the headphone, its comfort but also its sonic performance. A key point therefore.


The headphones supra-auricular

They are distinguished by a format usually very compact, where the atria will directly benefit rests on the ears. This is the most classic, and they can be found at all prices.

In practice, we recommend users to research products rather discreet and easy to carry, since they can in most cases easily slip into your bag. In addition to a more compact size, the models from the supra-auricular (also known as On-Ear) have the advantage of being more affordable. They are, however, a comfort generally less good than on the models, circum-aural, and a less than good insulation in the face of outside noise.


Headphones over-ear

In contrast to models on-ear headphones over-ear feature ear flaps from cover the ears. These are obviously much more impressive than on the models of supra-auricular, and these helmets are therefore meant to be less compact and often a little more heavy. If they were previously mostly restricted to use sedentary, most of the manufacturers offer today headphones over-ear nomadic offering excellent comfort while offering possibilities for storage are well thought out (folding flat for example).

The format of the audio headphone generally presents better sonic performance, especially on the lower part of the spectrum. In clear, if you like bass, prefer rather to these models. The insulation is also much better and allows you to more easily isolate itself from its environment.



Comfort is a key point to take into account during your research. Keep in mind that, in practice, all the helmets seem to be comfortable when laying on the ears. After a good twenty minutes, it’s usually a different story and the first problems appear. Pain in the ears, on the skull, at the temples, a sensation of heat, headaches…the list of The genoa caused by helmets little comfortable is rather long.

For the models, circum-aural, it will be necessary to verify that the gap of the internal pads provides enough space to encompass your entire ears. On models supra-aural, remember to check the weight of the model, but also the quality and the material of the padding coming to a rest on your ears.

The arch also plays an important role at the level in terms of comfort. Most models and most nomads opt for a headband classic, and it will be good to check its flexibility and its possibilities of adjustment. The weight of the helmet should be homogeneously distributed on the skull, and not on one or two points.



The headphones are not deemed to be particularly solid and resistant, but not all models are created equal of course not. During your research, remember to check the different materials used, particularly at the level of the headband and ear pads of the headphones.

If you opt for a headphone which the headphones can fold to the inside of the headband or flat, keep very attentive to the quality of the hinges. The plastic models are often fragile and eventually break. Since it is audio headphones wired, also check the quality of welds at the level of the cable, and whenever possible, opt for a model with a detachable cable !

Finally, to effectively protect your headphone during transport, invest in a protective case rigid if none is proposed by default. It is often on the go, stuck at the bottom of a backpack, that helmets suffer the greatest injuries.



Almost all of the wired headphones nomads are helmets said to be closed. On these models, the hull of the atria is completely closed, enabling to obtain an excellent passive isolation. This operation obviously in the other direction, and with the helmets closed, the people around you should not be able to hear your music.

Conversely, the helmets rather thought to use sedentary, usually of models Hi-Fi, have for the most part a design open or semi-open. Here, the outer hull is open (using a grid for example), and the sound is no longer just “locked up” in the atria. This allows to obtain a sound stage, often much more open, and greatly reduces fatigue on the duration. Of course, it’s impossible to enjoy outside, all the ambient sounds were no longer being filtered.



One thinks in particular of the presence of a module for active noise reduction, allowing you to filter a large part of the outside noises in order to fully enjoy his music even in very noisy environments. A real plus if you have the habit to listen to your music in the transport and you do not want to necessarily increase the sound volume.

Among other features, one can mention the presence of a microphone to transform your headphones in a true hands-free car kit. These microphones are typically positioned on the remote control integrated in the cable. At the same time, remember to check that the different functions of the remote control are compatible with your smartphone, because sometimes there are versions for iOS and Android devices.



Today we can find models ranging from a few tens of euros to several hundreds. The difference in terms of quality is not always proportional to the rate proposed, and it is possible to find excellent models for a hundred euros.

Keep in mind that your headphone is only a single link in the chain, and that in order to really take advantage of the helmets, the more expensive it is to use quality files, but also a player capable to read the best ways.

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