Are you looking for the best Bluetooth speakers? You are on the right page! On this guide, we propose you to discover a selection of models wirelesses the most productive in the industry.

These wireless loudspeakers connect in a blink of an eye your Smartphone, your tablet or your computer and allow you to enjoy your favorite music without the hassle of any wires. Most models are thought to be carried everywhere and are accompanied more and more often a certification protecting it from shocks and water. Some references may even be entirely submerged, thanks to a waterproof design.

The Bluetooth speaker the most compact fit in hand and enjoy an autonomy that can exceed 20 hours. Others are betting instead on formats larger, providing sufficient power to animate evenings or trips outside. You have to make your choice!



If you are looking for a compact speaker, able to accompany you in all situations, the JBL Clip 3 is a safe value. We love its sturdy design and water-resistant, making it particularly versatile.

For users requiring a little more power, it will head towards the EU Boom 3 or the JBL Flip 5. Easy to carry, they benefit from a format that is cylindrical for a sound to 360° enough power to fill a room of average size.

For a more sedentary, the Marshall Stanmore II fits perfectly in a living room with a retro design particularly attractive. Powerful, it offers a sound controlled and intuitive controls.

Finally, if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker in XXL format, in the direction of the JBL Xtreme 2!




The small JBL GO 2 is a Bluetooth speaker the most compact but also the most affordable in the industry.

Able to slip into a pocket, it adapts to most situations, thanks to its certification IPX7 making it a perfect candidate to enjoy your music in the shower, on the edge of your swimming pool or at the beach.

The enclosure is offered in multiple colors and offers up to 5 hours of battery life. She also carries a microphone to transform into a hands-free kit. Several buttons to handle play/pause, adjust the volume or skip to the next track. Unfortunately, it is impossible to return to the previous music though.

On the side sound performances, it will not expect miracles, but the GB 2 has made it a lot more convincing and powerful than the speakers of your Smartphone. For the price, hard to find better at the moment.



For ten euros more than the JBL GO 2, the Anker Soundcore 2 is also a Bluetooth speakers very interesting entry. Particularly compact, it is easy to be carried and weighs only 350 g on the scale.

Certification IPX7 allows him to withstand most situations and the body may as well accompany you during a cocktail hour at the beach for an evening between friends at home.

The model connects via Bluetooth 4.2 and has a range of up to 20 metres. On the side of autonomy, the Soundcore 2 also comes out very well in that they will be able to enjoy his music for 24 hours ! A great feat for a box so compact.

Only real downside to this ? A distortion that appears pretty quickly when you push a bit too pregnant to its limits. It is often the case for speakers of this size.



The JBL Clip 3 is also a Bluetooth speakers interesting if you are looking for a model able to follow you everywhere.

The model stands out from the competition by its circular design with a carabiner. Thanks to this, you will be able to hang a little everywhere, and particularly in his backpack, for example.

What make it an ideal candidate for adventurers, all the more that the speaker is known for its strength and resistance to water. It can even be fully submerged thanks to its design it waterproof. No fear of dropping it in the water !

On the side of the performance, the sound of the speaker is convincing as long as one does not exceed 60% of volume. Past this cape, the quality takes a serious hit. For autonomy, takes about 15 hours, which is very good for a model as compact.



The Anker Soundcore Flare 2 has one of the best quality/price ratios in the industry. Of course, the model may not be the same famous as a speaker at JBL, Bose or Ultimate Ears, but yet it has not to be ashamed in the face of competition.

With its format cylindrical, the SoundCore Flare 2 is capable of projecting sound in 360° and allows everyone to enjoy a sound both powerful and controlled. It is even possible to associate up to 100 (!!) pregnant to multiply the power or the audio equipment for several rooms in the same house.

The speaker is certified IPX7 and resists without any problem to dust, rain, or even a complete immersion. It also comes with two zones of lighting RGB if you want to add a little ambiance to your evening, or at the edge of your pool.

Complete commands are positioned on the top of the enclosure and the autonomy climbs up to 12 hours. A mobile application can be used to manage the lighting effects as well as eq.



The EU Wonderboom 2 is the speaker the most compact of the brand. It is positioned one notch below the famous models Boom and Megaboom.

In the Face of its big sisters, the Wonderboom opted for a format with spherical more compact. With dimensions of approximately 104 x 95 mm, it is easy to carry and holds without any problem in hand. The enclosure is covered with a fabric cover braided, protecting from drops but also water. Fully waterproof, it can be submerged without any problem, and it has the advantage of float ! Also, an elasticated wrist strap allows it to be hung around a bit.

The upper part of the Wonderboom embarques controls for power, Bluetooth pairing, play/pause and move on to the next track. It is not possible to go back to the beginning of his music or to the previous track directly from the speaker.

The volume is managed from two large ” + ” and ” – ” placed on the side of the enclosure. Hard to get more simple!

On the side of performance, this second generation is gaining powerful but also loyalty. The distortion is better controlled when you climb in decibels. The self-pass from his side in about 13 hours, 3 more than on the original model.

Final point to note, it is possible to connect two Wonderboom simultaneously to double its power or to spend on a stereo output. Quite nice !



Reference the most well-known brand, the JBL Flip 5 continues to evolve smoothly, and remains one of the best current references if you are looking for a Bluetooth speakers able to follow you everywhere.

For this 5th generation, no major changes in the next design, if this is the passage to a USB Type-C for charging and the abandonment of the port 3.5 mm for listening to wired. For the rest, one finds a design that is tough as ever, with a hooped design that is reinforced by a mesh of nylon and plastic ends rubbery. It withstands dust, drops and immersion in up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

On the side of the sound performance, JBL has revamped the interior of its enclosure lighthouse. Exit the rendering in stereo, the brand opts now for a single speaker and two radiators offering a more broad and powerful. The serious are more marked and the overall gains in balance. For its size, it is clear of the miracles and shows it is sufficient to fill parts medium or trips outside.

Regarding the autonomy, it takes around 12 hours to mid-volume. The Flip 5 is also compatible with the mobile application JBL Connect, to connect multiple speakers at the same time.



The EU Boom 3 is the direct competition to the JBL Flip 5. For several years, the two models and their various iterations have always offered benefits are quite close and the story continues.

Here we find the format, cylindrical, dear to the brand, with as his opponent in a multitude of colours, a mesh fabric rigid or rubber ends are resistant. The set is fully waterproof and is paid even the luxury to float, rather convenient if it were to fall of a boat or a canoe for instance !

Among the extras of this model, it should be noted the presence of a “magic button” to turn on the speaker and run one of your four playlists pre-registered in a blink of an eye. Practice to his exercise routine at home, for example.

On the side of performance, the EU Boom 3 provides a rendering stereo convincing to its size. The sound reproduction is one of the best that one can find and enough power to support a stay at a small party with friends or an afternoon lazing at the edge of a swimming pool.



If you’re not looking for necessarily a speaker Bluetooth truly nomadic (and waterproof) but rather a model of the aesthetic over-worked, the Libratone Zipp 2 could well be an ideal candidate.

This model is a little more imposing than the EU Boom 3 and other JBL Flip 5. Here we find the finishes of excellent qualities, with materials a little more noble, and this dress in colorful fabric based perfectly in an interior.

If it is possible to take everywhere thanks to its strap and its battery life of 12 hours, we would rather recommend to use sedentary, and her weight of 1.5 kg. In addition, it boasts many options connected with in addition to Bluetooth compatibility, Wi-fi and AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect. This second generation boards also support Amazon Alexa.

Its various controls are managed by a disk touch positioned on its upper part. Use, the set is intuitive and the sound performance are at the rendezvous. We take a 360° thanks to its format, cylindrical, and its size/power ratio has what to support a stay without the slightest problem.



Halfway between the Flip 5 and the Xtreme 2, the JBL Charge 4 stands out from the competition by its autonomy, its monstrous excess of 20 hours, but also by its ability to charge your other devices.

On the design side, we find the usual style speaker Bluetooth JBL, with a coating of nylon and reinforced plastic rubbery. The model is certified to IPX7, resistant to drops, dust, but also to the immersion.

The sound is pretty well balanced and above all powerful enough for most situations. We also appreciate the presence of a multipoint connection. A pity, however, that the hands-free kit is here absent, limiting the versatility of the enclosure.



The Marshall Emberton is the smallest Bluetooth speakers of the brand. It incorporates the look and feel iconic of the manufacturer, in a reduced format can be carried everywhere.

it does not show necessarily the best quality/price ratio of the sector, its design should be able to seduce many users are allergic to look a little more ” fun ” models in EU and JBL.

With only 700 g on the scale, you will be able to take away a little everywhere and even at the beach or at the edge of a swimming pool thanks to its certification IPX7. Its excellent battery life of 20 hours in also makes a speaker interesting to travel a little longer or a weekend of hiking, for example.

On its upper part, a single button allows you to easily manage the play/pause, navigate between tracks, or adjust the sound volume. We also found an indicator useful to check the level of autonomy.

Despite its compact size, the speaker has clearly in the belly. It provides a sound reproduction well controlled, with a slight emphasis on the bass frequencies.



Looking for a Bluetooth speakers really powerful ? Then the UE Megaboom 3 has serious arguments to convince you. 

The enclosure has the same design and features of the model Boom 3, but in a format that is more impressive. The recipe works equally well, with here a its obviously much more powerful than in her little sister.

With 22 cm of height to a diameter of 8.5 cm, the Megaboom 3 remains easy to carry and models, Boom and Wonderboom, we appreciate its waterproof design, as well as its ability to float. A real plus for the fighters.



Bose also offers its own line of Bluetooth speakers, so the model SoundLink Revolve. Available in colours black or silver, we love its design especially elegant for a portable model.

Certified to IPX4, it is able to withstand water splashes but will not be able to be totally immersed as the models in EU or JBL. The finish does not remain about it less very neat and the speaker should be able to hold in time.

On the side of performance, the SoundLink Revolve offers a full sound in 360°, with a reproduction rich and detailed for its size. On this point, it outperforms many speakers competing and justifies its price a little bit higher.


If you think that the small Emberton will not be powerful enough for you, the Marshall Stockwell II is probably the best alternative.

More impressive on his little sister, Stockwell incorporates the look and feel of the famous amplifiers of the brand and must admit that when it comes to style, she has of what to make of the shade at the competition.

Certified as IPX4, it withstands shock and splash-proof and can accompany you for nearly 20 hours thanks to its good self. One must also appreciate its controls with potentiometers to control the volume but also the level of bass and treble without going through a mobile app. The absence of orders to move from one track to the other is problematic.

Its side, it enjoys a record mastered, with reproduction well balanced and a great power in spite of a format that is perfectly transportable. A great success for the brand.


If you are looking for a Bluetooth speakers is able to animate a good barbecue by the pool in this state, the JBL Xtreme 2 is made for you.

Much more impressive than the models Flip 5 and Load 4, this speaker wireless in XL format displays an impressive power while remaining portable with its 2.4 kg on the scales and strap system removable.

Always also durable thanks to its coated in nylon, the enclosure fits all environments and can even be submerged thanks to its certification IPX7. For an evening at the beach or a bivouac at the edge of a lake, this is clearly the ideal.

Regarding the performance, its longer format allows you to enjoy a better stereo, and therefore sound very convincing. The battery life is about 15 hours.


Who says Bluetooth speakers does not necessarily mean portable speaker. This is the case here with the Marshall Stanmore II, a model sedentary running on ac and not using a battery.

More impressive than the Stockwell, it also presents a design that is more polished, with higher-quality materials and a look that always worked. Clearly a speaker that you can proudly present in his stay.

Among its strong points, note the presence of commands to manage the volume, bass or treble, but also the ability to switch between different sources thanks to its connections Bluetooth aptX, 3.5 mm and RCA. Rather convenient to plug in your vinyl player for example.

Side sound, the Stanmore II embarks 2 amplifiers of 15W for its tweeters, and an amplifier of 50W for woofer sound. The result ? A sound that is rich, deep and detailed, surpassing the majority of wireless loudspeakers of this selection.



Last-born of the brand, the Bose Portable Smart Speaker in his versatility to stand out from the competition. This forum format cylindrical adapts equally well to outdoor use or at home.

Capable of operating in Bluetooth or via WiFi, it can be carried everywhere thanks to its robust design and resistance to water splashes. Once back at the house, it integrates with the system “multi-room” Bose and turns into a forum of smart, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The sound rendering to 360° that we had discovered on the previous SoundLink Revolve is still in the game and enjoy its rich and well-balanced for a model wireless. Orders are complete and the voice recognition works very well. A pity that the charging cradle is sold separately.


In direct competition with the model of Bose presented above, the Sonos Move has serious arguments to appeal to the audiophiles in quest of versatility.

Like its competitor, the Move is thought to also adapt well to the outdoors to a more sedentary lifestyle. In moving, you can rely on its battery offering an autonomy of approximately 10 hours. At home, she joined the ecosystem of Sonos and background by a speaker connected through your Wi-Fi network.

You will be able to connect in a blink of an eye to most of the streaming services and broadcast his favorite music on his multi-room. The sound reproduction is convincing, with particularly low fully mastered.



Several criteria must be considered before selecting the Bluetooth speakers that actually fits your needs.

Today, you will find a bit of everything and anything on the market, with products ranging from a twenty euros for the most accessible to several hundred euros for the models top-of-the-line. Explanations.



The Bluetooth speakers are available now in all sizes, from miniature models that could slip into a pants pocket XL models require an external power supply, each one should be able to find his account.

To choose the size of your enclosure, think about the use you will get of the latter. If the idea is to boost a bit the sound performance of your Smartphone with the lowest footprint as possible, opt for a reduced model. Less expensive, they are also, however, is often less powerful than some of the bigger ones. They are usually not enough to fill an entire room, but are perfect to add a bit of music around your table.

The Bluetooth speakers of medium size represent the majority of the market. These models can easily fit in a small backpack to see in a big jacket pocket. They remain relatively light and can easily be transported by hand to be carried everywhere with you. The best models in this category offer excellent sound performance, resist to shocks and splashes, and feature a battery life that can exceed 10 hours. It becomes possible to fill an entire room of average size, to animate a small party or ambiancer an afternoon at the edge of your pool.

Finally, the speakers in sizes XL, are the ones generally offering the best sound performance. More powerful, they are also much larger and heavier and thus are sometimes less convenient to carry. Some models, such as in Marshall, in particular, should even stay connected on your sector to operate and are therefore limited to indoor use. However, others have handles or strap, in order to improve the conditions of transport.



For many, the interest of a Bluetooth speakers lies in the fact that you can take the latter just about everywhere, be it in the garden, in a park or even during a hike. To ensure that the product takes the road over time, make sure you opt for a model that seeks to be robust and splash-resistant, see-tight. Many manufacturers are actively working on the materials used, including rubber, very resistant to absorb shocks effectively in the event of a fall.

If, on the contrary, your speaker should not leave rarely your bedroom or your living room, choose this time to models may be less resistant, but the look fits better with your interior.



To differentiate from the competition, many manufacturers add a multitude of features to their products. If some are sometimes of the gadget, others, however, can easily tip the balance in their favour.

For example one could mention the products used to recharge the battery of your Smartphone or tablet (at JBL for example), or those with a microphone to respond directly to telephone calls in the manner of a hands-free kit. Some speakers may also be coupled between them in order to get a true stereo sound or just double the sound power.

You should also learn about the different commands that can be accessed directly from the speaker. Some models will for example not handle the volume or to switch from one track to another without having to take out his Smartphone, which can sometimes be annoying.



What differentiates a speaker classic speaker Bluetooth, in addition to the connection mode, it is, of course, the presence of a built-in battery. Thanks to this last, you can enjoy your music without having to connect the speaker to an ac outlet. Even so, it is essential to ensure that the autonomy will be enough for you to follow throughout an outing in the outdoors or during an entire evening.

Ideally, look for products with a minimum of a battery life of ten hours, and keep in mind that these figures obviously vary depending on the listening volume.



The audio quality of a Bluetooth speakers is often directly related to its size. It is rather logical, the products that are more compact with limited space to integrate their speaker. So far, the sound performance of these small speakers are often impressive for their size.

Some products now offer a sound quality rivaling easily with their counterparts in wireline, with a sound that is rich and detailed. In plain language, they not only allow you to boost the audio of your Smartphone or your tablet, but to really appreciate your music to their fair value.

The products of medium size usually have several speakers (and radiators) to achieve a sound and effective bass more than correct. Keep in mind, however, that these products have, of course, to the limits when you push a little too much volume.



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