Best Soundbar in India 2021

Looking for the best soundbar to improve the sound performance of your new 4K display? You are at the right address.

With this guide, we propose you to discover a selection of a dozen bars, its covering all needs and budgets, with prices ranging between 8000INR and 50000INR. There’s something for all tastes, whether you’re looking just to give a boost to your movies and series, or on the contrary to enjoy the experience as immersive as possible.

The sector of the soundbar is widely democratized in recent years, more and more users are moving towards these products simple and practical. Much less bulky than the traditional kits of Home theatre, they are discrete in a residence and limits the number around your TV stand.

This selection of the best models is regularly updated according to the novelties, of our dernies trials and availability.


Not the time to consult our comparison of the best bars of its 2021? We prepared a small summary in a few lines for the impatient among you.

Below 10000INR, the small Creative Stage 2.1 shows an excellent price/quality ratio if you have a limited budget. We like its compact size, allowing it to adapt to the majority of the TV but also slid in front of a computer monitor for example. It comes with a subwoofer for a 2.1 providing a nice immersion. The Bluetooth is also part of the.

If you have a budget a little more, the Sony HT-SF200 is an interesting model for around 15000INR. It is also a kit 2.1, but the subwoofer is integrated directly into the bar. If you are looking for a solution discrete and efficient in order to give a real youthful look to the sound of your TV, it is an ideal candidate.

For about 5000INR more than the HT-SF200, we recommend the excellent Yamaha YAS-109. It provides excellent sound performances, manages the DTS Virtual:X for surround sound persuasive and comes with the voice assistant Amazon Alexa.

For the users who want the best possible immersion, the Sony HT-X8500 is a sound bar compatible with Dolby Atmos the cheapest on the market. For about 30000INR, the sound is amazing and you don’t find better at this price.

Finally, on the top of the range, our choice turns to the Sony HT-ZF9 (Dolby Atmos, Hi-Res Audio, WiFi,…) or even the kit Samsung HW-Q90R with wireless loudspeakers for a sound incredible.




Creative Internship 2.1 is one of the kits the most affordable in the industry. It consists of a sound bar, compact, adaptable for use on a PC, and a subwoofer with a small footprint.

Ideal for a short stay, the rooms, or an office, the kit offers benefits that are respectable for the price. Has less than 10000INR, we are not expecting of course not to take advantage of a Dolby Atmos cinema-like, but the sound bar and its subwoofer is quite good.

We appreciate the connections very full, with HDMI ARC (for connection to TV), optical input (for consoles or PC, for example), a port of 3.5 mm, a USB port or a Bluetooth mode. It is better than many bars of its more than 20000INR !

A remote control is supplied with the kit and allows you to easily adjust to manage the different sources, the volume or equalizers as a function of its activity.

Clearly a good quality/price ratio for those who are not looking necessarily sound performance exceptional but who want to replace the speakers of their TV’s, their screens or their old speakers kits PC.



If we know more Anker and its subsidiary SoundCore for their headsets and Bluetooth speakers with excellent relationship quality/price, the brand is also active on the market sound bar.

With the Anker SoundCore Infinite, the manufacturer shall submit a bar, ultra-compact, with only 53 cm in length. What make it a perfect candidate for an installation on a small TV cabinet in a bedroom, on a desk with a computer, or hanging discreetly on the wall in your stay.

Available at around 8000INR, it connects via optical cable, 3.5 mm or Bluetooth, and comes with a remote control, simple but effective. Two listening modes are available, to view his films or listen to music.

Has the use, the sound quality is shows correct for the price. The bar features two built-in speakers of 20W, offering a good powerful despite its compact size. The reproduction is not necessarily exceptional, but for the price it is value for money.



Available below 10000INR, the Sony HT-SF150 is positioned as the most affordable model of the brand.

At this price, it will not expect miracles, but the small SF150 proves ideal for users who have a limited budget and wishing all the same offer a real boost to the sound of their TV.

Relatively compact and discrete with a length of 90 cm to 8.8 cm in height, it adapts to most of the furniture and offers a refund to stereo 2.0. It comes with its own remote control but can also be controlled by your TV if you connected via a cable HDMI ARC (not supplied). The bar can also be connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

On the side of the sound, there is a reproduction overall correct, even if it is obviously far from what he does best on the sector. For many, the face of the most of the built-in speakers and all for less than 10000INR, you will be able to rediscover your favourite movies without breaking the bank.



The sound bar Sony HT-SF200 is positioned a notch above the SF100 as described above. We stay here on a bar of its entry-level range, but this model benefits from the addition of a woofer built to pass a reproduction of 2.0 to 2.1.

Side look and ergonomic design, the HT-SF200 wins in compactness with a length of only 58 cm and a height of 6.5 cm. If the model can be easily integrated with most of the furniture and interiors (the colours of white is even available), it will still be necessary to ensure that the latter does not cover the bottom of your screen.

Side connectors, there is a HDMI ARC, optical S/PDIF input, a USB port and a Bluetooth chip to connect it to your smartphone, for example. A remote control is supplied with the sound bar, but if you have a compatible TV, the HDMI connection will allow you to manage the volume directly from the remote control thereof.

On the side of the sound performance, the HT-SF200 allows you to enjoy the whole more rich and homogeneous in the face of his little sister. The restitution is well-balanced and the addition of the woofer built-in quickly, feel.

Of course, we are still far from the best models with dedicated subwoofer, but for about 15000INR hard to find better at the moment.



Available below 20000INR, the Sony HT-S350 comes with a subwoofer and you can also enjoy a return on 2.1 channels.

The card connects to your TV via HDMI ARC or Optical, while the Bluetooth chip can be used to stream music from a smartphone or a tablet. Easy to set up, the HT-S350 presents average dimensions, with a length of 90 cm and a height of 6.4 cm. It should be able to slip in front of most screens without hiding the lower part of the image.

In the Face of the models HT-SF150 and HT-S200, the presence of a subwoofer improves, of course, the audio rendering and in particular the immersion when one enjoys his films or series. (Interestingly, the subwoofer does not need to be connected to the bar to work. It is only necessary to feed it through sector.

From the remote control, it is also possible to adjust the sound rendering via different EQ. Movies, Gaming, News, Music…Anything goes ! Special Mention for the ‘Night mode’, which avoids the need to play with the volume between each scene of action and dialogue to not wake everyone up.

Its side, the kit Sony HT-S350 shows convincing, especially for the price. By default, the rendering is well balanced and we rediscover his movies or his series a new angle on the face of the speakers of the TV today.



Evolution of the YAS-107, with the most recent Yamaha YAS-109 displays excellent performance for around 23000INR. With 89 cm length (equivalent to a TV of 40 inches) and a thickness of only 5.3 cm, the bar displays a minimalist design and is sufficiently discreet to be positioned in front of all the TV current.

On the side of the connector, we find an HDMI input, an HDMI output, compatible with ARC, optical input, an RJ45 port or an output for connecting a subwoofer. The bar is also able to connect to your WiFi network or via Bluetooth.

On the side of performance, the YAS-109 provides a default rendering 2.0 with for each channel a tweeter of 2.5 cm, a speakers of 5.5 cm and a woofer-7.5 cm. Of the use, there is a reproduction convincing, even if the woofers integrated are struggling to address the lack of a true subwoofer down as on the model YAS-209.

For the lovers of surround sound, the bar is also compatible with DTS Virtual : X, even if the option just to truly convince, and that we recommend to stay on a stereo output.

End finally, by emphasizing that the Yamaha YAS-109 integrates the voice assistant Amazon Alexa.



The Creative Sound BlasterX Katana is a sound bar, specially designed to meet the expectations of PC gamers. If you’re fed up of wearing a helmet constantly on the ear during your gaming sessions, it is positioned as an alternative that more convincing.

The bar itself is compact, with a length of only 60 cm to about 6 cm in height. A congestion controlled, to allow him to keep enough space on his desk, but he especially does not hide the slightest pixel of their screen in PC Gamer. The design is well worked, with a solid design and a few effects RGB that players should appreciate.

To accompany it, we find a subwoofer promoting, of course, the ‘ immersion in their favorite games. The latter is a bit more cumbersome, but you should be able to find a small place under the desk without too much problem.

The bar connects directly via micro-USB or 3.5 mm on the PC or via an optical cable to your console. It is also possible to directly connect a USB key with his music, but also to plug in his headset gamer and his micro.

On PC, an application that allows you to enjoy very many options to adjust the rendering of the Sound BlasterX Katana. On the side of the sound itself, the performance will show convincing and it is clearly gaining in width stereo face helmet gaming traditional.



Last bar of his to join the range of the american manufacturer, the Bose TV Speaker is a model mainly thought for users avid of TV programs of any kind. It is available at a price of INR30000 and does not necessarily aim at replacing the previous Bose Solo 5.

With a primary focus on the dialogues, the bar offers a restitution clear and detailed, especially on films focusing more on the dialogues or TV shows. For lovers of action movies, the lack of a subwoofer, but also of an equalizer, may, however, limit the immersion. The return overall is far from bad, but some of the bars listed in this selection will make it better.

On the design side, the Bose TV Speaker enjoys a compact size, and thin enough, to fit the majority of TV and furniture today. The connectivity is ensured by HDMI ARC, optical input, and finally the Bluetooth. It is also possible to add a subwoofer to Bose 500.


SONY HT-X8500 Sound Bar

A soundbar is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS :X for less than 40000INR ? It is the bet a little crazy to Sony, and its model HT-X8500.

Delivered without a subwoofer or the lesser satellite, the Sony HT-X8500 appears at first view as a bar its pretty classic and minimalist. The design does not slice not necessarily with the models positioned beneath the threshold of INR20000 and the connector does not of the ordinary : input and HDMI output, optical S/PDIF input and Bluetooth receiver.

It is only once it is established that one discovers the true face of this HT-X8500. A sound bar is capable of reproducing virtual surround sound impressive, and this as well in the width of your piece and also on its height.

To achieve this feat, the bar relies on a configuration 2.1 with two speakers on its ends and two subwoofers on its central part. Not impress on paper, and yet, as soon as you activate the virtual spatialization, the magic operates. In this price range, no sound bar is not able to compete with the HT-X8500 and offer a good immersion for films with compatible Dolby Atmos or DTS:X.



Available for around 45000INR, the Sonos Beam will perfectly complement a setup designed around the other speakers of the brand.

Particularly compact, it adapts to the vast majority of TV current and can easily be mounted on a wall with its low weight of only 2.8 kg. In terms of connectors, the model goes to the essential and especially in the most simple with only one HDMI input ARC.

Once connected to your network via Ethernet or WiFi, the mobile app, Sonos will guide you step by step in the installation and configuration of the Beam. It is a game for a child and even novice users will find there without any problem.

When the installation is complete, the Sonos Beam joined the ecosystem with multi-room of the brand and in particular the speakers WiFi in the image of the Sonos One and Sonos Move. One can then enjoy their favorite music in a blink of an eye, but also drive it from Amazon Alexa or Google Wizard.

On the side of the sound performance, the sound bar, Sonos is clearly one of the most impressive in the sector. Despite its size relatively compact, it is capable of providing a reproduction powerful, and above all perfectly balanced.

Even pushing the volume, the sound stays consistent, and it takes advantage of the deep bass, a beautiful setting in front of the vocal parts but also many details that could be missed in some of its competitors. A real success for Sonos !

As a complement, note that it is also possible to connect two speakers Sonos One and use them as a true satellite if you want to enjoy surround sound in Dolby Digital 5.1.


SONY HT-G700 Sound Bar

The Sony HT-G700 is positioned as the evolution of the HT-X8500 presented a little over the top. More recent and somewhat more comprehensive, its tariff is also revised to the upside since it is located in the area around 48000INR

For this new generation, Sony adds a subwoofer and it now enjoys a reproduction in 3.1 rather than 2.1, for a total power of 400W.

The use of, the bar retains all the strong points of the HT-X8500 and, in particular, the possibility to enjoy a virtual surround sound in Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. Then obviously, it is not a true 7.1.2, but the effect is once again impressive.



With its new Sonos Arc, the specialist in Hi-Fi is connected presents a new sound bar, resolutely aimed at the high end.

If the model Beam focused on its compactness to seduce the players, the last-born of the brand does not make any concessions. With nearly 120 cm in length and 9 cm in height, the Arc is a big baby who will be asked to ensure compatibility with your display and your TV cabinet.

As often with the brand, the design of the bar is impeccable and the whole breathes clearly the quality. The connector is also always minimalist, with only an HDMI port eARC (converted to optical via an adapter). A connection which simplifies the installation of the sound bar, but which also limits the use of Dolby Atmos to the TV-compatible eARC. An important point to take into account prior to purchase !

On the side of the features, the Sonos Arc joined, of course, the connected ecosystem of the brand. It connects to his network via RJ45 or WiFi and can be controlled via the application of Sonos, Amazon Alexa or even the Google Wizard.

On the side of the sound performance, the Sonos Arc includes a total of 11 speakers oriented so as to improve the spatialization of sound. The result is clearly successful and it enjoys a rich, detailed and perfectly balanced. Without surprise, all the know-how of the brand is once again at the rendezvous.



The Samsung HW-Q90R is a bar of high-end sound, with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. It is compatible with Dolby Atmos for reproduction in 7.1.4 offering one of the best immersions of the sector.

this kit is intended primarily for demanding users, wishing to enjoy surround sound persuasive without necessarily moving towards a real kit Home Cinema. Here, the footprint remains minimal and the sound has something to delight moviegoers the most picky.

The only downside ? The absence of a calibration acoustic automatic in function of the architecture of your room. For the price, however, this is nothing surprising, and the whole remains more convincing than. To try it is to adopt.




Not easy to find among the many references available and ever more complex, employed by the builders. Taking into account some key elements, it nevertheless becomes much easier to steer towards a product that meet his real needs. It makes the point.



This is obviously the first question to ask yourself during your research. As briefly explained in the introduction to our article, several formats are available on the market. Found in a first-time bars are the classic, which as the name suggests is in the form of bars, usually rectangular, that you will position in front of his TV, or directly on his wall in the case of a screen mounted on the wall.

These bars are now offered in many different sizes, and although they have the advantage of being able to position themselves in front of the vast majority of screens, it will have to remember to check that these fit well on your TV stand, but above all, that the thickness of the bar does not come to cover a portion of your screen.

Trays sound, positioning themselves as the second great family of the market. Unlike bars, there is a question here of trays from position not in front of, but well under your TV. They are therefore, in particular, systems that are more compact, and it is necessary always to remember to check the compatibility between the tray and the size of your flat screen tv.



In opting for a bar or a tea sound rather than a system with multiple speakers, we often imagine it to be wrong to be able to god farewell to the surround effects. Indeed, incorporating several speakers with orientation different, the sound bar are able to project and reflect the sound through the walls of your room.

Of course to enjoy it the best as possible, the layout of your walls will have a significant impact on the surround effect. It will thus contribute to the parts if possible symmetric and closed, the TV cabinet is positioned centrally on one of the walls.

To facilitate the installation of your bar, note that many products now have an option of auto-calibration, allowing to adjust the sound reproduction depending on the configuration of your residence or room.



Has each bar its own style. If we all head models are basic, very sober, know that there are today products that integrate with the vast majority of interiors. Angular, rounded, compact, curved…Everyone should be able to find his happiness.

Think of course to choose a bar that adapts to both your TV but also your furniture. Ideally, the length of your bar and your screen will be identical for the sake of harmony, but there are obviously no rules to abide by on this side. Also, keep in mind that most of the models have the system to facilitate the fixing to the wall.



If the principle of a bar sound is to avoid the multiplication of enclosures and the famous hidden cables under a rug, many models can be accompanied by a subwoofer. We then get a 2.1 system improving a little more immersion for the viewing of films and series.

Obviously no obligation here, but we will not only recommend to opt for this option if you have the chance. By default, and by their compact size, the bars are struggling a little on the side of low frequencies. By adding a subwoofer (or a subwoofer), you will a clear improvement in the sound reproduction by bringing a depth and dynamic.

Good point to note about the boxes, some models can be connected directly and wirelessly to your speaker. A real plus for users looking for a stay uncluttered.

Finally, keep in mind that if you are not necessarily a cinephile, and that use of your TV is primarily limited to watching programming tvs, you can skimp on the subwoofer.



One of the strengths of the sound bar, it is so easy to use. Most models require only two cables : a first for the power supply, and a second to connect to your screen. As a general rule, you can opt for a connection by optical cable if your TV has this type of connection.

It is often possible to opt for an HDMI connection, RCA or even 3.5 mm in some cases. In short, there are often spoilt for choice, but be sure to check these points before you throw it on a model.



A sound bar, this is not only to enjoy his films and series. More and more products integrate Bluetooth compatibility to connect without any wire their smartphone or tablet to listen to his favorite music.

Then of course, we do not have here the side of a nomad speaker portable wireless, but for listening to music at home a sound bar can replace a mini-chain. And hop, a device and cables in the least !

Some products are also compatible with other standards, such as Wi-Fi or DLNA, allowing it to connect directly to your local network. We will then be able to directly transfer music from their computer to the sound bar.

Some models are compatible with the systems Multi-Room and combine perfectly with speakers WiFi for example

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